Tinker The Robot

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Does your little kiddo love taking things apart? Are you unsure how to take that passion further. Download and print our guide on how to turn your child’s tinkering into an engineering workshop. 


Task: Build a structure that is at least 15″ tall that can hold as many pages as possible Using: 10 sheets of letter sized paper (8.5″ by 11″) 12″ of Scotch Tape As many books as you can stack!! Post a picture of your structure and tag @tinkertherobot to WIN our Electronics Kit ($50 value) […]

Money Boat

Using materials found at home, take on our Money Boat Challenge! Task: Build a boat that can float holding as many quarters as possible Using: 1 sandwich sized Ziploc bag 2 empty toilet paper rolls 10 toothpicks 12″ by 12″ of aluminum foil 12″ of scotch tape As many quarters as your boat can hold […]

Paper Structures

Using materials found at home, take on our Paper Structure Challenge! Task: Build the tallest structure that can hold a stuffed animal Using: 20 sheets of letter-sized paper (8.5″ by 11″) 10 paperclips 1 stuffed animal (8 to 12 inches tall) Submit a picture of your structure to WIN a Swag Pack (you can’t buy […]

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