Tinker The Robot

Robot Build Series


Each month students will receive a box focusing on one branch of engineering. They will explore that career with builds, a Challenge, conversations with real engineers, and community collaboration!

The workshop includes the following:

  • All the supplies for over 40+ projects mailed to your door
  • A new Graphic Novel Lab Notebook and box each month
  • Video Tutorials for all projects
  • Parent Resource Guide to help you navigate these subjects with your child

Learn about:

  • Hands-on build
  • Engineering
    • Box 1: Electronic Engineering
    • Box 2: Programming
    • Box 3: Sensors
    • Box 4: Motors
    • Box 5: System Engineering – AKA assemble and build a robot!!!
    • Box 5: Entrepreneurship
  • Problem solving using the scientific method

Frequently Asked Questions

In every kit, you will receive:

  • A lab notebook similar to a graphic novel. You will gain access to the Parent Resource Guide through a QR code in the lab notebook as well as the Community Collaboration Group. 
  • All materials needed to complete activities in the notebook (including goggles and a multimeter)
  • Full access to our supplemental online resources (video tutorials for all projects)
  • Invites to exclusive Tinker events and challenges

The lab notebook includes an exclusive Tinker the Robot hybrid curriculum graphic novel of content (including build instructions, experiments, challenges, career quizzes, and problem solving teachings using the scientific method). 

Each month students will receive a box focusing on one branch of engineering which enables students to explore that career with builds, conversations with real engineers, and community collaboration! 

100% yes! Our team is here to help you and your child if you find yourself stuck. Please feel free to send a question through our contact forum. If the question persists, we’d be happy to schedule a zoom call with you or have a call with you at (909) 295-2701.‬

All our products are Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) compliant meaning they are fortified with the scientific method. 

We provide individual product kits if you’re not looking to commit to a monthly subscription yet. Our current individual kit available options are The Catapult and Paper Circuits. 

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